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Best Women’s Health Doctors in Lugoff, South Carolina

Women's Health

Why Women’s Health?

When it comes to women’s health, you can never be too careful about caring for your body. It is easier to fight a potential problem than wait until it fully develops into something more serious. From routine pap smears to mammograms, women’s health care offers essential services to keep you healthy long into your senior years. Call our office to schedule your appointment today.

Female-Specific Health

Women have unique health concerns in all stages of life. ApexCare is proud to serve women, whether you need pregnancy care, an annual exam or help with menstrual problems or menopause. We are committed to our patients’ needs and work to ensure you receive the most comfortable experience possible. Call us today at ApexCare for a comprehensive list of women’s health care services we offer and to schedule your appointment.

Men Versus Women

Women’s bodies differ from men’s in many subtle ways that go beyond reproductive organs. This causes some health issues to affect women differently even though they may affect both men and women. Different genders also experience different symptoms for the same medical problem. Visit the best doctor for your needs at ApexCare, where we have 11 years of experience in caring for women.

Women Have a Higher Chance Of:

  • Dying of a heart attack
  • Showing signs of depression and anxiety
  • Being affected by osteoarthritis
  • Having urinary tract problems
  • Having thyroid problems
  • Having certain cancers

Mental Health Care

Mental illnesses generally strike women significantly more than men. These illnesses are very common and treatable. While a mental health care professional is able to best help you through mental illnesses, your women’s health doctor can help in the diagnosis and recovery. If you think you may be at risk or have a mental illness, speak with your doctor today.