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Wellness Checkups Are Critical After Cancer Treatment

Wellness Check Up
People who successfully finish cancer treatment get a new lease on life, but they may experience many unexpected side effects caused by their care method. Unfortunately, these issues can cause health complications that may be a real problem without professional help.
Thankfully, regular wellness checkups after finishing cancer therapy can gauge a person's overall health and catch issues before they become problematic. 

Weight Loss After Cancer Recovery May Be Dangerous

Individuals going through cancer treatment may lose high levels of body weight. This drop in body mass occurs due to both the effects of the person's cancer and the ways that its treatment affects a person's appetite. Unfortunately, the level of weight loss common in this scenario is often unhealthy and potentially dangerous to a person's health. 
For example, rapid weight loss puts a strain on a person's heart that may cause real cardiovascular damage. Even worse, weight loss may be tied to undernourishment, a problem that can cause dangerous physical- and mental-health concerns.

Bone Problems May Also Be an Issue 

The poor state of nourishment that is common in individuals who have just gone through cancer treatment can lead to a variety of problems with their bone health.
For example, low levels of calcium may trigger the onset of early osteoporosis symptoms. Brittle bones experiencing this issue may be more likely to break under even minor strain, particularly when paired with the physical damage caused by cancer. 
And if the bones of the body aren't directly affected, certain tendons and supporting tissues around the bones could be damaged due to poor nutrition.
Unfortunately, problems like these are often hard to notice without professional help, particularly if a person is used to pain in these areas due to their cancer or its treatment.

Sleep-Related Concerns May Linger

Individuals with cancer often experience complications with their sleep patterns. These problems often linger during treatment and can become pronounced after their care is over. For example, the fatigue caused by many types of cancer care methods may cause a person to fall asleep during the day or even while driving or operating heavy machinery.
Other individuals may struggle to fall asleep due to pain or anxiety triggered by their cancer, even during treatment. These troubles may remain after treatment is over because their body is used to this sleep schedule.
Unfortunately, poor sleep patterns may trigger physical- and mental-health issues, including increased pain and higher anxiety and depression symptoms.

Wellness Checkups Help to Gauge These Dangers

These health concerns - and many others - make wellness checkups after cancer therapy very critical. Wellness checkups provide a comprehensive examination of a person's overall health in a way that catches minor issues and provides focused treatment before the issues become problematic. Benefits of wellness checkups include the ways that they:
  • Provide an insight into the success of cancer treatment.
  • Allow doctors to create a detailed care method for common post-treatment problems.
  • Give individuals a chance to understand their health issues.
  • Spot common issues before they degrade into dangerous health risks.
  • Catch potential cancer relapses before they worsen.
The latter benefit is particularly critical for anybody who feels uncomfortable or otherwise sick after cancer therapy. The ability to spot early relapse symptoms improves an individual's chance to get early treatment before the situation worsens. 
Though regular doctor visits are typical after successful cancer therapy, wellness checkups can help improve a person's ability to spot a multitude of issues more successfully.
Anyone who is recovering from cancer therapy should contact ApexCare to learn more about the many benefits of high-quality wellness checkups and the ways that they improve a person's chances of cancer recovery.