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The Benefits of Pop-In Care Services for Your Senior Parent

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Seniors living at home feel comfortable being alone, but their children often worry about their safety and well-being. If you can relate to this and would like to feel less concerned, you could hire a company to provide pop-in services for your parent.
Pop-in services are great for seniors that can handle living alone but that may need someone to check in on them from time to time. Here are several benefits these services offer that you should know about.

They Offer Companionship

Pop-in services offer a way for seniors to receive company and assistance with many things, and receiving company is one of the top benefits offered through pop-in services. When you hire a company for these services, you can choose how often a person comes to your parent's home. You could choose daily services, weekly or any other option you want.
While there, the aide will provide companionship to your parent. In other words, he or she will sit and talk to your parent. This type of visit makes seniors happy and gives them something to look forward to.
If you suspect your parent is lonely, this could make a huge difference in his or her life. Loneliness not only makes people feel sad, but it can also lead to health problems. Studies show that loneliness is detrimental to the health of seniors. Seniors who are lonely experience far more health issues, and they even have a higher risk of dying prematurely.

They Include a Lot of Different Services

Pop-in services are not only designed to offer company to seniors, though. They also offer a variety of assistance with many things, and you can discuss what you would like the caregiver to do during these visits.
For example, you could have them check your parent's heat or AC to make sure it is working, or you could have them check to see if your parent has enough groceries. In addition, the worker can also provide help with personal hygiene issues, medication and cleaning duties. Your parent can ask the caregiver to fix minor things or help with various tasks and chores.
Imagine knowing that someone stops at your parent's home multiple times a week to handle all these tasks. Just the thought of this might bring you some sense of peace and relief, and it will help your parent in so many ways.

They Can Include Transportation

You can also hire the company to provide transportation services for your parent, and this is especially helpful for seniors that no longer drive. If your parent has doctor appointments, you could line up services during these times so the workers can transport your parent.
Workers are also willing to take seniors to the grocery store, pharmacy, library or any other place they might need to go.
Does your parent call you often for rides? Does he or she miss appointments because no one is able to take him or her? If you have been the primary source of transportation for your parent up until now, this could relieve a lot of your responsibilities. This could free up your time, and it could make your visits more memorable and fun for you and your parent.
If this sounds like a good idea to you, it would not hurt to look into pop-in services for your parent.
If you would feel safer knowing that your parent has someone checking in on him or her, you should consider pop-in services. ApexCare offers pop-in services, along with many other types of services for seniors, and you can learn more about these by giving us a call.